Foto: Susanna Corniani

BBIIAANNCCOO, the new solo project of Davide Bianchera (member of Baobab Romeo), combines experimental electronics, field recordings, samples and the deeper frequencies created by the electric bass. Loops with different durations (created by multiple loop stations), overlap each other in endless and random interlockings, stratified loops making the arrangements free to create and destroy themselves like clouds. The atmospheres created approach the ambient/noise soundscapes of artists such as Tim Hecker, Ben Frost and Fennesz.


The idea for the creation of the Ep “HABITAT” is inspired by three novels : “Die Wand”  by Marlen Haushofer, “Korrektur” by Thomas Bernhard and “Minotaurus” by Friedrich Dürrenmatt.

A thin imaginary leading thread combines these three stories: the environments, that surround the protagonists, influence their lives and actions.
The places where the characters are born, grow up, or the places that suddenly appear around them, have a weight and influence all their future choice.
The three tracks immerse the listener in a mixture of evocative sounds and atmospheres, suggesting to the listener the vision of open and infinite spaces (Vetro), narrow and claustrophobic places as if they were backrooms (Labirinto) and the search for perfect geometries (Cono).

Label : TENREC

EP Release : November 17, 2023

The tracks were composed and produced by BBIIAANNCCOO (Davide Bianchera).

Mixed and mastered by SEBASTIANO CONFETTA

Cover artwork by ALBERTO RIVERA

“The cone” of the cover is created by ECSCION FIGUR

Video created by BBIIAANNCCOO


The videoclip of VETRO, wants to focus on the concept of “time,” seeking the complementarity of the ep’s theme “space/place”.
Thus was born the idea of fusing original footages (present) and folk and ethnological documentaries (past). The whole video has been reworked later by recent Artificial Intelligences (future), trying to create a new retro-futuristic aesthetic, where the author himself gets lost and gets carried away by algorithmic creations. The video aims to stimulate a reflection on the passage of time and the very possibility/impossibility of tampering with it

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